Steps to backup your whole website using Cpanel

Many of Riseshost Clients ask if there is away they can backup their websites easily and quickly.


While, Today am going to show you how you can backup your website and restoring it.


Backing up and restoring a website in Cpanel is as simple as drinking water,

Below are ways you can backup and restore your website via Cpanel.


First Step: Backing Up your website files, Database and emails:

To backup your website, you have to log into your Cpanel, then in your Cpanel under Files category, look for Backup Wizard.

Now Click Backup Wizard, when the page loads, there will be Backup , Restore, and full backup.


Full backup is OK, but that one you may not be able restore it unless your hosting provider helps you to restore a full backup.


Now since you have to backup and restore yourself, I recommend backing up files alone, database alone and emails alone….


Now what you will do is Click on Backup, there you will be redirected to a page that say: Full Backup and down there is  Partial Backup…


Here we are going to use Partial Backup,

Now Click on Home Directory Tab and after clicking it you will be redirected to the finely step that say download home directory click that Tab Home Directory…. And the download will start, all your web files whether for primary domain or Add-on domains and Subdomains will all be downloaded on your computer or email depending on where you have selected to store them…


After the download, go back and do the same on both Database and email accounts…


After that congregation, you now have a full backup of your website(s)…


next restoring:


Step 2 Restoring:


Now that you have backed up your website now you want to restore it,Follow steps below to restore your website:


Log into your Riseshost Cpanel, Then Look for the word Backup Wizard under files category, now click on backup wizard, now when backing up, we clicked to backup tab, this time we are going to click on Restore Tab,

Now click restore tab, select what you want to restore files, database or email, any thing you want and upload it….

You will see a message that say success it means your data is restored, congregation your website is restored…


As simple as that


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