How to get free SSL certificates when you host with riseshost

Hi there, you can now host with us and get free SSL certificates. Some of our clients were asking and raising ticket supports on how they can do get free SSL certificates.   Today let me explain it here to prevent you from confusion.   Most of the hosting companies also offer free SSL certificates but in order to use them, you have either to contact them first or you to do it Manually in Cpanel. With us, if you host you website with us, you don’t need to call us or even do it manually.   With us, you will get your free SSL certificates immediately the time you add your domain or Subdomain in your Cpanel, our system will automatically enable free SSL certificates to your domain or Subdomain.   But it sometime takes 24 hours for those enabled SSL certificates to start functioning, so after you adding your domain or Subdomain in Cpanel, don’t worry or think about SSL , we offer you free SSL certificates automatically.   I hope now you know how you get SSL certificates when you host with us.

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  Goodluck all.

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