How to create an email in Cpanel

To Create an email in Cpanel, follow the following steps.


1. Log into Cpanel

You must access your cpanel account by logging in using your username and password.


2. Click Email Accounts

When you click on email accounts, you will see the word “Add email account,” click it…

3. Enter the new email address you want to add.

Email: Enter the email address that you want to create.

Domain: if you manage more than one domain, make certain to select the appropriate domain from the menu.Password: Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes…Maikbox Quota: Enter the quite in the mailbox text box, The quota defines the amount of disk space the account may use to store emails. Then after that click  Create Account.

After creating, you will see a message that say that “success”

That us all, you now have an email, you can now visit your webmail and start sending and receiving emails with your custom email…..


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